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I will soon be departing to tour the Netherlands with a group of professors, facilities administrators and students to study multimodal facilities on a whirlwind tour over two weeks on a bike.  I plan to document this experience here.

Fullness of my Packs
The bare necessities

Packing for 2 weeks in 1 pannier back and 1 backpack was a challenge in itself.  I had to take only enough clothes for 4-5 days and am taking laundry packs.  The thought of traveling to a foreign country without a suitcase is a little intimidating, but I think it will be an incredible adventure just to see how I can manage with just a couple bags and a bicycle!


This is everything I am taking.  All clothes are stuffed into a the single pannier on the right, with all toiletries, luxuries and gadgets shoved into the backpack.

The complete tour will be Amsterdam > Leiden > Delft > The Hague > Haarlem > Amsterdam with some stops along the way.

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