Netherlands Day 1 – Amsterdam

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We arrived at Schiphol AMS Airport early in the morning and my first task was finding the rest of our group. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful.

We took the train from the airport and purchases. 3 day pass which allowed us access to the extensive tram system that Amsterdam has.

We made our way to the Oosterpark to drop off our bags.

We are staying at the Generator Hostel, which feels like a regular hotel, just more dense.

The rooms are definitely cozy:

We left to catch a tram for some tours of the city and headed towards the Museum row:

We arrived near the Rijk museum and made our way to the main pedestrian plaza.

We took a quick tour of the connections and place making in Vondelpark which was amazing.

The wayfinding is extremely intuitive. Clearly marking all state based bike routes and local nodes in the city:

It is crazy to see but almost every street has clearly defined paths for bikes, peds and cars. The houses around the museum row was an exception with more car roads:

We took a quick detour to the Van Gogh museum (no photos allowed) but there was one station in from of a Sunflowers relics:

That was about all we could stand for the day: so we went back to the Generator for an authentic Dutch dinner of stampot:

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