Netherlands Day 2 – Amsterdam

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We started the day with a pedestrian walking tour and got to see some great woonerfs which allow for frontage roads to share space for all users:

They are using these connections to connect the woonerfs across the main motor vehicular lanes.

We then met up with Dave from the City of Amsterdam to discuss their efforts to monitor and positively influence air quality

They have these monitoring stations all over the city that allow them to measure particulate matter. This one is located by the Stadsdeelkantoor.

They are monitoring black carbon, heavy particulates, and other carcinogens. They are using these measurements to influence policy in the city. They have some new policy that is now using this data to only allow certain land uses close to problematic areas. So for instance senior living units are required to be farther away from heavily polluting corridors. They also just disallowing scooters on bike paths to further separation between motors and bicyclists and pedestrians, plus it makes everything safer for more vulnerable users.

The pedestrian crossings are accompanied by this loud heavy clicking that notifies you when it is safe to cross:

We took a walk up the Frederiksplein to head to our next local discussion:

We walked through the Rembrandt district:

Here is a picture of historic gutter for the local engineers:

We don’t have a single building in the US as old as this tower:

We stopped off for a Health focused visit near the Amsterdam Museum:

We learned some about public policy and government sponsored health clinics at P&G:

Quick Selfie and then we started heading to tour the red light district with some local officials.

The red light district feels a lot tighter than other places we have visited. There are lots of alleys that have been activated here and neat pocket parks.

This is the oldest building in Amsterdam.

Construction started on the Oude Kerk church in 1306!!

Directly in front of the Oude Kerk church

And finally we took several walking tours of facilities between the red light district and the city center.

We had someone from the local prostitution information center give us the history of the district and walk us around.

This is Belle – a statue that represents sex workers near Ouse Kerk pedestrian plaza:

We also went by several of the local shops near this district:

I then walked down to visit the surprisingly modernized Anne Frank house.

I struggled mightily on the tram ride back. I got turned around in the Jordan neighborhood but finally made it back to the Generator for cheese and wine with the awesome facilitators.

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