Netherlands Day 3 – Amsterdam

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We caught a tram to head towards Centraal Station for a canal tour this morning. The facilities here are very narrow. You really have to watch for cyclists at the edge of the road at all times here. They always have the right-of-way!

We talked with representatives of the Plastic Whale project, which is a grassroots effort to help clean up the canals in Amsterdam. they take about 350 people per week out to fish out plastic from the waterways with nets.

Their company makes furniture and skateboards from the recycled plastic.

We then headed to pick up our bikes and make the trek back to the Generator.

We rented our bikes from Mac Bikes. They are all pretty nice and it is fairly close and well connected to where we are staying.

We had full dedicated bike facilities everywhere we went. It is awesome!

Some of the signage is still confusing to us, so we are going to dig back into local traffic operations a bit to find out what these mean.

The bike parking garages here are really impressive!

This intersection at rush hour really tells the story about commuting in Amsterdam:

The day is done and we just enjoyed a ridiculous Indonesian dinner (Dutch colony, so lots of Indo population here).

And we walked and took a tram back in the rain to Oosterpark:

Tomorrow, I am on my own for a bit until Sandra gets in town. I will see you all tomorrow!

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