Netherlands Day 4 – Amsterdam to Leiden

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We started the day by helping the group get their travel panniers squared away and get then used to the extra weight.

After seeing the students and facilitators set up, I headed back to Schiphol Airport solo to pick up Sandra from UK. She is joining us for the middle part of the trip before heading out to meet Her boyfriend in London.

After she had her panniers loaded we set out along the Amstel River to catch up with the rest of the group.

Just south of the city, the context shifted dramatically. We were either in parks or very rural areas where the road was shared.

We saw our first windmill next to a roundabout a few miles in.

And we ended up stopping in Ouderkerk for lunch.

This place specializes in Pannenkoeken –

The next several miles I was just in awe of what this country has done for bike connectivity. They have a combination of an understanding culture of mobility, dedicated right of way for only bikes and peds, coupled with this incredible backdrop. We never once felt unsafe.

The pictures speak for themselves:

The routing system we used is called Fietsknoop. They have a wayfinding system that points you to specific nodes across the country. We get maps like this:

And it puts it into an app that gives you turn by turn directions:

We also looked for the national routing signs like this:

The last stretch to Leiden was a push. The entire day we had lots of head wind (20 mph most of the day) so we were worn out by the time we got here. Still, the environment and the amazing facilities kept us motivated.

We finally made it to Hotel Nieuw Minerva in downtown Leiden and reconnected with the rest of the group!

Tomorrow is north Leiden and Lisse tours.

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