Netherlands Day 5 – Leiden / Lisse / Keukenhof

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We woke up early and enjoyed breakfast at the Nieuw Hotel Minerva then started pulling bikes from storage.

Downtown Leiden has really great bike facilities too. We used the red bike lanes to navigate to our first wayfinding node and headed out of downtown.

The app doesn’t give you turn by turn directions. It warns you when you are off the gps route, when you are approaching a node, and what the next node is. The signs at the nodes tell you which one you are at (top) and the direction to the next nodes. It relies on you to stay aware and look for other smaller navigation beacon signs to point you in the right direction.

We had a brief rain shower where we took shelter for a few then began again.

We again utilized a significant amount of advisory lanes, which they stripe most of their rural roads as. This seems to be applied regardless of sight distance.

Our wayfinding app stopped working for us on the way, so I used Strava to manually route us to the Keukenhof manually.

The Keunkenhof is a botanical garden dedicated to Tulips. And it was absolutely breathtaking.

Tot ziens Kuekenhof!

From there we took the scenic route back to soak up as much of the different facilities we could on the way back.

These “sharks teeth” paintings on the ground are everywhere. This intersections clearly says we have the right of way and the cars yield to us. In other locations we have the yield and it is very clear. It is extremely intuitive.

We made it back to Leiden safe and sound and ready to eat! After dinner we took a stroll around Leiden.

This evening marks Liberation Day, where the entire country celebrates freedom from the German invasion. We joined them for a beer in celebrating at the public square in front of this local church.

Tomorrow we have a free exploring day so I will make sure to document what I find!

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