Netherlands Day 6 – Leiden / Voorschoten / Wassenaar / Wassenaar Beach North Sea

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Our team of facilitators woke up at 6:45am. My view from the hostel room makes it worth it though:

This is the Rijn (Rhine) river.

We needed to move the bikes from the main storage room, which is going to be used during a meeting in a bit.

I had several coffees and set up my mobile workshop to catch up on emails and review some local docs for work:

After everyone got caffeinated, we routed ourselves out of Leiden using the Fietsknoop app and hit some really great bike infrastructure. The bike roundabout was depressed under the mainline motorist traffic and routed 3 legs trough tunnels.

The next neat thing we saw was the path swung wide at a major entrance to give enough space for a car to yield before the path if they were turning in.

This video shows us moving through a roundabout with everyone yielding as intended. Near the end you can hear the navigation warning us of the next node approaching.

We were met with countryside shortly before Verschoten:

Downtown Veerschoten wasn’t big, but it was definitely neat!!

We rode through Wassenaar

And just outside of Wassenaar we started climbing to get over the dunes. The headwind picked up a lot at the top.

But the view of the North Sea at Wassenaar Beach was absolutely worth it.

We went back along the same route and called it a day!

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