Netherlands Day 7 – Leiden / Voorburg / Delft

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We loaded up our bikes in front of the hotel in Leiden and everyone got ready to set out for Delft.

We again used the Fietsknoop routing system to get us out of the city and on the right route:

We stopped off in Voorburg for a coffee warm up and a Dutch apple pie.

Our group then kept on the route that took us toward Delft.

There were several more segments of our route that utilized sharks teeth markings as the primary method to designate yield conditions. I love these things. It makes it so clear who has the right of way.

We also saw a great example of maintenance of traffic for their bike network.

Closet to Delft we started seeing the familiar canals and more urban facilities.

The following is how they designated their shared streets. We knew right of way what we were getting into and drivers knew to pay attention.

We arrived in Delft ahead of schedule at the Hotel de Plataan

We went for an evening tour of Delft and I can honestly say these cities are just getting better and better.

This is The Delft Market which is a city square that is a huge plaza. It is incredible. All of the royal weddings are held in the large church in this plaza.

Again, it is hard not to fall in love with all of the bicycles and the stunning canals in each of these cities. Delft feels like the perfect mix of the density of Amsterdam with the small town historic charm of Leiden.

On the way back to the hotel, they had shut down a section of the road to lay individual bricks on sand base.

Tomorrow we are meeting with delegates of the Dutch Cycling Embassy to talk infrastructure.

Fijne Avond!

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