Netherlands Day 10 – Delft / The Hague

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We have a short bike ride today from Delft to The Hague, so we started a little later than normal, which was nice.

The bike is really getting weighed down now. My daypack is now filled with gifts to bring back home.

We left via the main Delft market square.

the routes between Delft and The Hague were pretty clearly marked. We got turned around a couple times.

As we got to the city limits of The Hague we still saw remnants of windmills intermixed with modern buildings.

Only a 9 mile bike ride this morning so most of the group was pretty happy. The weather was cooperating too.

Found some great street art right at the edge of town.

we worked out way through the city center on some beautiful streets. This is a lot busier than the last few towns we have been through and we had some issues at the wider crossings with people avoiding conflicts.

The Hague is absolutely beautiful.

We were routed through several more urban streets that looked very similar to other towns we have been through.

And some really beautiful quiet canal streets. The group is really starting to become more confident on their bikes as we soak up the infrastructure and sights.

We went through some local parks to get to our hostel.

I’m still waiting in awe of the types of facilities we are seeing and the investment in landscape elements.

This is a shared street along a pond.

We hit the local neighborhood of Xxx

After we dropped our bags off we went straight to the beach to grab lunch!

We are on the beach and enjoyed every minute of it.

Savory pannenkoeken with ham, bacon and Dutch cheese.

We then started biking back downtown. First stop was the world court. This is where criminals are tried worldwide.

This is also the site of the world peace flame.

Our group then took off for the city center.

We briefly caught a glimpse of the royal palace.

The city center square was amazing. It was a huge pedestrian plaza surrounded by businesses and museums.

Our group had entry into the Mauritshuis where some of the works of Rembrandt and Vermeer are kept.

The red and white tulip depicted in this painting used to be so rare that a single one as worth a house on the canal. It was later discovered that the dual colors were caused by a virus in the soil and the market for them crashed. It was the first major market crash because people were selling them on future notes.

This is Vermeer’s most famous painting, the girl with the pearl earring.

The Rembrandt collection was also on display.

I went on a pedestrian excursion to take a quick trip around several blocks near the city center to see what it offered. They had a lot of shared streets mixed with big crossings. It made ped x-big difficult but the squares were really done nicely.

The MC Escher museum was just off this square so I had to visit!

Sandra Broadus of UK discussed how is biking here can translate into bike commutes in Lexington and about some of The programs she supports.

And then we took back off for the Scheveningen neighborhood.

We made it back to Jorplace safe and sound. This is our first true hostel experience.

The bunkers…

My humble semi-private room

Towels not included so Sharon and Alan ran down the street to buy some cheap ones.

We had frites and mayo with dinner. Because it’s the Netherlands and it comes with every single meal regardless of what you order.

And then we walked back to the beach to see the sunset.

Good night from The Hague!

Tomorrow we bike to Haarlem up the coast.

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