Netherlands Day 12 – Haarlem

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Our group had a free day in Haarlem on Sunday, so I went out to see the sights.

First I hit the original Poort of Amsterdam, which is located here in Haarlem. It was responsible for keeping track of shipments coming into Amsterdam.

Second was the Morlen de Adriaan, a local windmill museum. It was free windmill day!

I caught some great examples of sidewalks on the way…

I then went to the Teyler museum, which the locals claimed is the oldest in the Netherlands.

Here is the first battery:

They also had several local Dutch painters on display from the 1600s

They had a Rembrandt sketch room, which I thought was incredible. It also included some of his students work:

From there I toured the central square and Oude Kerk (Old Church)

Lunch on the square was awesome. And of course, frites with mayo!

I started crashing from the week of non-stop going, so I went to see the Avengers with Dutch subtitles.

I picked up some local treats to take back home and met up with the group at Jopen before walking back and turning in.

The Hello. I’m Local hostel was very nice. Cozy, but very comfortable.

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