Netherlands Day 13 – Haarlem / Amsterdam

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for the last leg of the bike tour, Thom met us in Haarlem to lead us back to AMS.

Despite having bike facilities pretty much everywhere, they still have desire lines. This one has been here for a while because it is a more direct route across this corner.

The bikes were extremely loaded down and unsteady, so this happened a handful of times throughout the trip.

Just outside of Haarem, we had a short jaunt through semi developed areas.

And lots more advisory bike lanes.

We started seeing familiar tree lines streets as we got closer to Amsterdam.

We hit the Vondelpark just outside of Museumplein which marked that we had officially arrived near the heart of Amsterdam.

Thin gave us his take on the transition to the Netherlands from the States and talked a little about the usage of Vondelpark.

We turned right out of the park and followed the canal back to Oosterpark, where our journey began.

Journey complete. Nearly 240 miles later, we biked across the Netherlands and learned a lot about how they have developed their transportation network.

I had to drop off my bags and head to a meeting with the City of Amsterdam. Beth St. John of the Aspire Institute lines out a meeting with David Gelauff who sets the policy and funding for all of the bike infrastructure in Amsterdam.

David was an amazing host and allowed us an hour to pick his brain on all topics related to bicycle infrastructure, funding, enforcement and how they have supported it all with better land use decisions.

W o w. This trip has left me reinvigorated for what I get to do as a professional and has definitely opened my eyes to how better extend cities can have an enormous positive impact on people.

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